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Crucial Tech - Managed Services

Crucial Small Biz

A perfect IT plan with just the right amount of support for small or home offices with just one or two systems.

Crucial Advantage

Awesome value! Assurance of having pros manage the basics plus we're there for you with guaranteed SLAs

Crucial Remote

Unlimited remote support. Empower your staff to call for IT help without the worry of a big bill!

Crucial Trouble-Free

Realize peace-of-mind with the ultimate technology support - all you can eat service. Get IT off your plate!

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On-Demand IT Support for Business

Onsite Support

Fast, same-day IT support for small business. Call or click today.

Remote Support

Awesome value and almost immediate service. Call today and see how it works.


More IT Support for Small Business


The best of both worlds. Monitoring, alerting and awesome SLA's... but without high monthly fees

Hour Packs

Save big time by prepaying for hours packs in 10, 20 or higher denominations. Also you'll get faster and more personalized service. It's like money in the bank. Ask us how.

Shared Support

An IT plan for those who have an in-house IT person but would like an extra level of support.

On-Demand Support

Even if you don't have a plan... you can still call us! We are happy to assist with one-off jobs

Backup and Business Continuity

Onsite Backups

If cloud backup is not desired or not an option for your organization.

Carbonite Backups

50,000 businesses trust Carbonite. Let CT help you choose the best plan

Datto Backups

For clients where downtime is simply not an option, there is Datto Backups.

Private Cloud Backup

Get your data offsite but maintain control and security in a private cloud.

Cloud Services

Office 365

A full suite of cloud productivity tools from Microsoft... and we are Microsoft Partners that can help you

File Sharing

There are so many file sharing services. Which one is right for your business? We can help select the right tool!

Unified Comm

Tie your Outlook, your mobile phone and your VoIPÂ phone together with Unified Communication

Other Cloud Solutions

CRMs, Project Management, Contact Management.



Custom configured Lenovo servers with exceptional engineering, awesome power and competitive prices. Think Virtualization! Ask for a free quotation.

Desktop Computers

Choose the business class reliability of Lenovo desktops. Starting at $549 and backed by 3 year warranty.


The Lenovo ThinkPad has long been considered the premier business class laptop. Choose the superior engineering of Lenovo! We are Lenovo Partners!


Imagine getting a brand new network, new PCs and servers and have it all professionally managed for nothing down! More affordable than you think. Read more.