Private Cloud

So, you want the peace-of-mind that your data is offsite but are not so quick to put your data on a cloud server somewhere. You need more stringent control over your data and where it resides. The CT Private Cloud service may be just what you need. Here's how it works.

We install an appliance on your site to manage your onsite backups. You own this hardware and while we can help you with the administration, you maintain full control. What about the offsite portion? There are 2 options. Most opt to have all their data replicated to a CT Server we call The Vault. It is located offsite... we have a vault in Toronto and in Vancouver. Since the data is managed by your IT provider and kept in Canada it satisfies the requirements of most businesses where maintaining control of data and location matters.

In the event that you need 100% control we can deploy your own vault, just for your organization. It can be deployed practically anywhere you like. There are costs associated with deploying the hardware and as well, hosting it. We would be happy to have a discussion and provide you a quotation if you think this is necessary.