Remote Support for Businesses

Remote Computer Support – What Is It?

remote support, pc repairRemote support is a way for computer technicians and support personnel, like Crucial Tech, to connect to your computer over the Internet and remote control it. It allows us to fix your computer without scheduling an onsite appointment, without getting in the car to drive somewhere and without having to wait a long time for service. Plus, it's often cheaper. So, let’s review:

  • Get immediate service
  • Get your issue resolved more quickly
  • No fossil fuel burned in order to fix your issue
  • Saves you money
  • What else is there to know except how to sign up!


How It Works

It takes just a few minutes to get setup for remote support. After that all it takes is a quick call and we are ready to help you. For best results we recommend that you have 'money in the bank' with us so that we don't have to waste precious minutes taking care of business. Sign a Crucial Managed Services Agreement or buy an hour pack and remote support is your best friend.

Did you know that about 90% of computer issues can be resolved remotely? Why not have a trusted local company at your disposal to help you when you need it!  Setting up now, before you need help, will be convenient and save you money.

Just call us at (604) 998-8347 or use the web form here and Get Help Now!

Some ideas of what you can use your remote support time for!

  • Set up backup to an external drive
  • Set up offsite backup
  • Get help with annoying pop-ups
  • The World Famous CT Ultimate Tune-up
  • Virus removal
  • Office 2016 training
  • Help setting up a new computer
  • Outlook set up
  • Office 365 or Google Apps set up (Cloud email)
  • Troubleshoot error messages

Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Support

Monday to Friday from 9:30 – 4:30. Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.
No, it’s easy. We will walk you through a simple setup in order for us to get connected. 
No. We need your permission to get into your computer. Once a remote session is finished we have no further access without your permission. (Some of our business clients give us ‘anytime access’ so that we can resolve issues after hours but this is only done if specifically requested). 
No. Even if you have a webcam, we still cannot see you. We can’t hear you either. 
Yes, everything we do will be visible on your screen. Some people like to watch. Others like to go about their business until we are done. 
No. Our techs are located in beautiful North Vancouver. 
We will generally know within 15 minutes if we can fix the problem or not. If we cannot, we will recommend to schedule an onsite visit. If this is accepted then any remote service charges are waived. 
No. Hang up the phone… it’s a scam. No one, not even Microsoft or Crucial Tech, is notified if you have errors on your computer (unless of course you are one of our managed business clients in which case we log in and fix the problem usually before you even know about it!)