Jensen Sign Artistry

Jensen Sign Artistry

Jensen Signs was started by Thor Jensen in 1977 before computers, printers, plotters and fancy software... he used good old fashioned artistic know-how and his own two hands. Much has changed in the world and in the sign industry today, but one thing that has not changed is the dedication to friendly service and expert sign making at this small but busy sign shop, which is now run by his two sons Jeff and Steve.

To their credit, Jensen Signs has always done wll in keeping up with technology. This means up-to-date, reliable and powerful workstations as well as making sure all printers and plotters are working.

One interesting tidbit about Jensen Signs is that they are a model for what you can do with shared calendaring. With Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Exchange the staff are able to create and share as many calendars as they need and in their case, this is the foundation for their entire Shop workflow. You'll never see a more colorful calendar!

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