Ramy Hill Sales

Ramy Hill Sales

Ramy Hill Sales is a team of professionals focused on excellent service to the hospitality trade. With an office based in Toronto for the East and an office in Vancouver for the West, we supply customer care to all clients across Canada and into the USA. You will find their products in restaurants, hotels, golf clubs, private clubs, casinos, senior living communities and many other corporate clients.

They produce custom-designed menu covers that complement any dining room décor and supply top quality apparel and footwear, dining linens, vases and candle lamps, reusable name badges, buffet signage and other hospitality products.

Ramy Hill Sales relies on the Internet and Cloud services with an office in the East and in the West. Remote connectivity between the sites is crucial and the ability to access email from anywhere and from multiple devices (and have them all synced) makes life easier for Ramy Hill staff.

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