Data Recovery Services

Hard Drive Dead? No Backup?

As we often remind our customers: the failure rate of a hard drive is 100%... eventually they all fail. We highly recommend that you backup your data to an external source (please have a look at our backup services). However, if you did not back it up, or if that back up is not good, we can still help. There are 3 scenarios of data recovery.

Basic Data Recovery

Sometimes, for whatever reason, customers are unable to get data from their hard drive but we have no problem. In this case we can transfer the data to an external drive for $59 (you must provide or purchase the external hard drive).north vancouver data recovery

Advanced Data Recovery

In some cases the data cannot easily be recovered but it can be recovered using our advanced software and hard systems in-shop. In this case the cost is $200.

Partner Recovery

In some cases we simply cannot recover the data even with our in-shop hardware and software. In this case we can ship it to our data recovery partner, here in Vancouver, to see if they can recover the data.

In ALL cases you pay only if you get the data. We have a No Data - No Charge policy. Plus we offer free hard drive diagnostics so there is absolutely no risk in bringing in your hard drive for a look. Our partner offers the same policy so if we do send it to our partner and they cannot recover data because the drive is too damaged, then there is no charge.

Bring your hard drive by for a free diagnostics, you have nothing to lose. Don't worry about taking the hard drive out of your computer... we can do that for you.

Data recovery services can only be done at the shop. Remote or onsite support is not available.

Prices do not include applicable taxes.