Drop Off Service

Pickup/Drop Off Service

Crucial Tech also offers professional pick-up and drop-off service for your computer. If you can live without your computer for a few days then the pickup/drop-off service is the best way to go as it offers the best value for your computer service.

Call our office to arrange for a pick up.

Pickup / Drop-off FAQ

Since January 2016, due to a lack of support, we no longer maintain a public office or shop. However, we are happy to arrange pickup and drop off of your computer.
We can fix most problems in the shop including slowness, error messages, virus clean-up and tune-ups. Problems we cannot fix in the shop are issues relating to your network or Internet – an onsite visit would be required. 
We do certain laptop repairs. Please call to ask about your specific problem and we can let you know if we can fix it. 
In the case of laptops we would need the power adapter as well as the actual laptop. In the case of desktop computers we do not need any cables or attachments at all… just the actual tower. However, if you suspect a problem with one of your peripherals then you can bring that in too. 
It is unlikely we will need any disks. The one case where we may need disks is if we are reinstalling your Operating System (Windows). If this is the case then bring the disks. If you are not sure it does not hurt to bring the disks that your computer came with.  
Yes. If you suspect a problem then bring it in. 
Turnaround for most jobs is 4 days. Rush service is available 
There is a $45 minimum diagnostic charge; however this is sometimes waived if the repair quote is accepted. As well as a pickup/drop-off charge of $30. Payment of $75 + tax is due upon pickup. Additional charges, if any, will be billed upon drop off.