Ultimate Tune-up

The World Famous* Ultimate Computer Tune-up

Computer running slow? Getting a lot of annoying pop-ups? Do you have time to get a cup of coffee while your computer powers up each morning? You need a tune-up and Computer Troubleshooters offers the best, most comprehensive most detailed tune-up we know of. It's called the Ultimate Tune-up.

Ultimate Computer Tuneup

Super-charge your computer!

So much more than just cleaning up some temp files and tweaking the start-up programs the CT Ultimate Tune-up includes:

  • Full hardware diagnostic with report given
  • Several malware removal scans to get rid of light malware infection (including spyware, Trojans and rouge programs)*
  • Clean-up all unneeded temp files and clutter on your computer
  • Uninstall junkware, unwanted trialware and other 'crapware' from your computer (Our experts know the good from the bad!)
  • Update hardware drivers if necessary
  • Advanced system maintenance (a long list of advanced performance tweaks, clean-up tasks and checks - it's our 'Secret Sauce')
  • Remove risky programs that could put you at risk for online fraud or viruses
  • Browser toolbar analysis and removal - Our expert technicians know the toolbars that are bad and remove them
  • Start-up program analysis and removal - There are a lot of programs that want to start-up with your computer but don't really need to. We know which ones are safe to turn off.
  • Defragging hard drive for increased speed and performance
  • Fully update Windows operating system with recommended security patches
  • Update all essential and common programs (Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Skype, iTunes, Java, Firefox, Chrome and about 50 others if you have them installed)
  • Security check with advice given so you can be sure you have the best protection available
  • Miscellaneous performance tweaks depending on your version of Windows
  • Install KryptoLocker Prevention for free - giving you special protection against one of the worse viruses out there.
  • Resolve any specific problems
  • A quality check by a different technician to make sure it is good to go
  • Physically clean the computer

As you can see you will be hard pressed to find a more thorough tune-up for your computer. We recommend the Ultimate Tune-up at least once per year.

Drop-off Service

We recommend our drop-off service for the Ultimate Tune-up since we can do it with a flat fee of just $99. The turn-around time is 2 days. A 1 day turn-around can be arranged with a premium of $50.

Remote Service

Can the Ultimate Tune-up be completed using our remote support services? Yes. However, since some portions of the in-shop tune-up can take many hours so the remote version of the Ultimate Tune-up is somewhat abbreviated but does include most items. Regular remote support charges apply (no flat fee available).

Onsite Service

We can do almost any service onsite but we don't always recommend it. Some of the scans and processes of the Ultimate Tune-up can take hours to run and so an onsite visit for a complete tune-up would be cost prohibitive. However, we can come to your home or business and cover the main areas of performance tuning.

Prices do not include applicable taxes.

*If your system is seriously infected with malware (ie rootkits, multiple Trojans or ransomware) you may need the Virus Removal with Advanced Operating System Repair service.

** The World Famous Ultimate Tune-up may  not actually be 'world famous'!