Virus Removal with Advanced Operating System Repair

Your computer may have a serious virus infection if:

  • Your computer will not start up all the way
  • Your computer is constantly warning you to buy a program to fix your computer
  • Your computer is asking for a ransom of some kind
  • Your computer is basically unusable because it is so slow and/or has so many pop-ups
  • You suspect your computer might controlled remotely
  • You received a call from someone claiming to be Microsoft and you mistakenly allowed them to install something on your system

Virus removal computer troubleshooters

In these cases our Ultimate Tune-up may not be enough. You will need virus removal with advanced operating system repair. The reason is that once a computer is badly infected with a virus, a Trojan, rootkits, ransomware or some other kind of malware it causes damage or corruption of the Windows operating system. So, getting the virus off your computer is only half the battle... we then have to go through and repair any damage done.

Our Virus Removal service includes no less than 6 anti-malware scans and often more. Some of these are advanced tools for removing hard to find malware like rootkits. Once we are sure all malware is gone we proceed through a comprehensive list of checks and repairs to resolve any issues with the Windows operating system. Finally we do an exhaustive quality check to make sure the malware is gone and all functionality of Windows is working.

Client sometimes ask if we can just take out the virus for a lower price. The answer is no. We have learnt through years of experience that half-hearted efforts to remove a virus often do not work and end up with the client coming back in one or two weeks. They are unhappy having to bring the computer back and we are not too pleased about having to fix it again. So, we stick to our proven formula and we very, very rarely have a computer returned to us after a virus removal.

As you can see you will be hard pressed to find a more thorough tune-up for your computer. We recommend the Ultimate Tune-up at least once per year.

Drop-off Service

We recommend our drop-off service for the Virus Removal with Advanced Operating System repair service since we can do it with a flat fee of just $149. The turn-around time is 2 days. A 1 day turn-around can be arranged with a premium of $50.

Remote Service

Can the Virus Removal service be completed using our remote support services? Yes. However, since some portions of the in-shop procedure can take many hours so the remote version of the Ultimate Tune-up is somewhat abbreviated but does include the most important items. Regular remote support charges apply (no flat fee available).

Onsite Service

We can do almost any service onsite but we don't always recommend it. In the case of virus removal it can take several hours to do a thorough job. However, we can come to your home or business to complete this service onsite

Prices do not include applicable taxes.