Business Class vs. Consumer Class Computers

Business Class vs. Consumer Class Computers

People often ask: is there a difference between a consumer class computer, such as the type you might buy from a big box store, and a business class computer such as you might buy from an IT provider. In short, yes!

I see this a lot. I am often asked to recommend and quote computer systems for businesses. When I do, the customer occasionally comes back to me and says "I saw a computer the same as this at a big box store and the price was a lot less". It is a fair question, but let's take a look at the facts.

First of all, the computer that you saw at the big box store was NOT the same. Big box store computers tend to highlight the processor in their advertising. So you may see an Intel Core i7 and the natural thing to do is to compare that with other computers with an Intel Core i7. However, if you do that you are comparing apples to oranges because the processor is where the similarity ends. Look deeper and you will see significant differences between business and consumer computers.

Here are 4 reasons a business class computer is superior to a consumer class computer.

Components- Sure, the processor is the same or similar but that is only one of many components inside a computer. What about the motherboard, the memory, the video card, the chip set? Business class computers have higher grade components because they are built to last longer. Consumer models are quite frankly built as cheap as possible so they can be sold as cheap as possible.

Engineering/Design- Business computers tend to be well engineered. What does that mean? Poorly engineered computers have problems such as overheating (especially laptops) and hardware incompatibility issues resulting in system stability issues. A well-engineered computer is tried and tested rigorously with specific hardware configurations and better design. They are designed to be reliable and to last longer.

Warranty- Consumer class computers have 1 year depot warranties. That means if there is a problem that requires warranty work you actually have to ship the computer to the vendor's depot and wait for it to return. This may take a week or weeks. If you are in business, this is simply not an option. So in simpler terms, if you are a business with a consumer level computer - you really have NO warranty. Business class systems however have longer and better warranties. As well, they often have options for priority service or fast-tracked support. For example, most Lenovo ThinkStations come with a 3 year onsite warranty. This is a testament to the quality of the product and as well, makes it an option for a business who cannot afford to be without their computer for too long.

Features- If you are using your computer mostly for business, you don't need features that revolve around gaming and fun activities. Consumer computers are preloaded with tons of freeware and trial-ware that you simply don't need and are just taking up space and resources. Good business class computers come with features that are appropriate for a business such as a fingerprint reader, remote desktop functionality and encryption software. As well, they would come with a professional operating system that is more suited to business users. For example, Windows 10 Professional comes with features that allow you to join a corporate network and connect remotely.

Where to get business class computers? Most computer brands - Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo and more - actually do have a line of business class computers but you might not find them in a big box store as they cater to consumers. Ask us what we recommend for your specific needs and where to get it.

So, the next time you are considering that awesome deal from BestBuy for your business, don't forget to keep in mind these points and make an informed decision by getting a computer that is designed for your needs.

Crucial Tech is committed to helping business buy the computer that is suitable for their needs. We sell Lenovo ThinkStations almost exclusively as we believe that their engineering excellence, their long-standing reputation for durability and reliability and their reasonable prices make them the best value on the market today for business. Call us for more details.

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