BEST Managed Services

BEST Managed Services

Business Enhanced Support Technology - B.E.S.T.

At Computer Troubleshooters we recognize the critical role that computers, networks and technology in general play in every small business. This role gets more important with each passing year. After all, according to a 2012 report* 71% of SMB's are either somewhat or very dependent on the Internet for day-to-day operations. This highlights that small business depends on technology to maximize their productivity and their profitability. But what happens when your technology lets you down? How much staff time is wasted dealing with slow computers or system crashes? How much of your time is spent providing support to your users when you've got more important things to do?

We created Business Enhanced Support Technology (B.E.S.T.) to meet this challenge. BEST is a managed services plan designed for small businesses. BEST is a combination of proactive and reactive IT Services that was designed to keep IT problems away, but provide quick and expert support if they do occur. For a flat monthly fee we do the following:

  • Handle any computer, network or server problem - Including Windows issues, virus and spyware problems, printing or networking issues. All done either remotely or on-site.
  • Monitor your technology 24/7 - This in itself can prevent up to 80% of all computer problems before our clients are even aware of them.
  • Advanced Remote Support Tools - Enables our team of professionals to diagnose and resolve problems quickly if they do occur.
  • Monitor your backup system - The real peace-of-mind with backups is knowing that they will work if and when we need them.
  • Provide a Helpdesk - Empowering your employees to handle issues, problems or just questions themselves without internal escalation that wastes time.
  • Manage all of your technology - Vendor management (Internet, phones, business applications) allows for streamlined resolution of any problems and allows gives management 'one throat to choke' (as they say).
  • No Downtime Guarantee - On our Trouble-Free plan we pay you $100/hour for each hour you are down.

Small business owners around the world are taking advantage of this managed services program designed specifically for small business. Some of the benefits the cite are:

  • Less Downtime - Higher staff productivity
  • Being more Proactive, rather than Reactive with IT solutions
  • Predictable IT budget with flat rate services
  • Peace-of-mind knowing that their technology is being looked after 24/7.
  • Access to expert IT consultation anytime
  • Reduced costs compared to the old-fashioned 'pay-by-the-hour' approach

Which BEST Managed Service Plan Works for Your Business?

We offer 4 different version of BEST Managed Services so there is sure to be one that works for you and your business. Click on the links below for details of each plan or see a feature comparison here.

BEST Lite - Monitoring only. All support at standard rates.

BEST Basic - Monitoring and unlimited remote and phone support. Onsite visits at standard rates.

BEST Proactive - Total support. Monitoring and unlimited remote and onsite support.

BEST Trouble-Free - Total support with our industry first No-Downtime Guarantee


* 2012 report by the National Security Alliance and Symantec

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