Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Don't think 'if' you will have a data loss event... think 'when'. Planning your strategy before it happens will be the difference between a minor hiccup or a debilitating, even business ending catastrophe.

It's safe to say that most businesses now appreciate the importance of backing up their data. At the very least they are doing file level backup, perhaps using an offsite backup provider like Carbonite. While this is good in some cases, and certainly better than nothing, is it enough? The answer depends on the answer to 2 fundamental questions that every organization must ask about their data.

1. How much data can I afford to lose (RPO)?
2. What is the acceptable amount of time to get data back if it is lost (RTO)?

Recovery Point Objective

Recovery Point Objective, RPO, is defined as the maximum tolerable period of time in which data might be lost. Many people set their RPO without really planning it. For example, if you have a nightly backup then you are essentially saying that you can tolerate losing a day's worth of data because if an data loss event occurs 5 minutes before the backup then you have lost data over the last 24 hours. An RPO should be planned and discussed with management to come to an acceptable length of time that the business can live with. It might be 1 day, 1 hour or 15 minutes. You must choose your RPO and plan your backup, disaster recovery and business continuity around it.

Recovery Time Objective

The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the complement to RPO when it comes to planning business continuity. It is defined as the targeted duration of time within which data must be restored after a disaster in order to avoid unacceptable consequences. In other words, do you need your data back within a week, within a day or within the hour. Like RPO this is a business decision that should be made during disaster recovery planning... before disaster strikes.

Objectives vs Budget

Of course there is a relationship between what the objectives are and how much it is going to cost. It's all well and good to say that you can only tolerate an RPO of 15 minutes and that you want everything restored within 1 hour after a disaster... but having such objectives means you will need to have the resources in place to pull it off. In days gone by this can prove to be prohibitively expensive for small business. Fortunately, new technologies that leverage the cloud have created new products that level the field making robust business continuity solutions practical for small business. And here at Computer Troubleshooters, we are all about leveling the field for small business!

CT Intelligent Business Continuity

Computer Troubleshooters, partnering with backup solution provider Datto, is extremely proud to offer a superior business continuity plan that boasts the most aggressive Recovery Time Objective of any backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solution available today. Imagine that, after a disastrous data loss event, you are connected to your data and fully operational, not in days, hours or even minutes... but in seconds. It is possible with CT Intelligent Business Continuity Solutions. It is the solution for businesses where downtime is simply not an option. What's best is that this solution is practical for the SMB budget. Plus, the data is stored in Canada so industries where that matters can come onboard.

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