Business Data Backup Services

Business Data Backup Services

Data backup in your business is essential. While any backup is better than none, some backups are better than others. Computer Troubleshooters recommends backups that:

  • Are offsite and secure
  • Are automated
  • Require little or no human intervention
  • Do not require you to remember anything
  • Will notify you if there is a problem
  • Will notify you if the backup does not occur
  • Are easily verifiable

Carbonite Offsite Backup

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Ideally a business should have a business continuity plan however we recognize that for solopreneurs and small offices this may be more than what is practical. For these one solution we recommend is Carbonite Offsite Backup Plans. It is priced for small business so if your backup strategy involves backing up to a memory stick and taking it home with you, there is no excuse to move to a peace-of-mind automated offsite backup plan. Feel free to reach out to us to choose the plan that is right for you.

Dr. Backup Offsite Backup

offsite backup north vancouverIf you prefer a solution that is more full service consider Dr. Backup, a professionally managed online backup service. Dr. Backup has been our partner for years and have never failed to be there when we needed them. Many of our clients have completed successful data restores with their help. This is the provider you choose when security is paramount and customer service excellence is expected... so if it's Sunday afternoon at 4:30 and you realize there is a problem, you can call and speak to a human who will assist you with the restore. Service does not get any better. Plus, there is a free 30-day trial so you have nothing to lose by trying them out. Go to their website and sign up (Please enter 'Computer Troubleshooters North Shore' as referrer) or call our office and we'll help you with the trial with no charge to you.

Hybrid Solution

Having trouble choosing between the cost-effectiveness of a service like Carbonite with the full service product like Dr. Backup. Many of our clients us both. Backup everything with Carbonite and back up mission critical data with Dr Backup. In the event of a data loss event you can get full support to get your critical data back online right away while less important data, which might take a day or two to get back, can be restored after. CT North Shore are more than happy to help you with this type of setup.

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