Crucial Advantage Managed Services

Crucial Advantage Managed Services

The Crucial Advantageis an excellent choice for the small business that appreciate the security and convenience of having an IT firm under contract with guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and basic managed services.

At only $15/month/workstation this Crucial Advantage gives you:

  • Managed Anti-virus
  • Managed updates of Windows and essential programs
  • Data backup management
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance and tuning
  • Monthly billing with Net 30 terms
  • Service level agreements (SLAs)
  • All staff access to support
  • Free email consultation and quick questions/fixes

The Crucial Advantage plan is often used in conjunction with one of our hour packs. It gives you the assurance of knowing that a professional IT support company has 'got your back', but without a high monthly cost.

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