Cloud collaboration is all about working, designing, creating, discussing and brainstorming without having to be in the same room with your team. Collaboration using Microsoft Office 365 tools brings a whole new level of professional to your organization.

For as little as $5/user/month you can benefit from:

  • Document Management - Do you want to know exactly who edited that document last and exactly what changes were made? Do you want to know what the file looked like a month ago? This and much more is possible with enterprise level functionality of document management. It creates the integrity that your organization needs to stand out in today's competitive environment.
  • Co-Authoring - Ask an office worker whose been doing what they do for a while and they'll tell you one of the biggest frustrations (and productivity killers) is not being able to get into a file because someone else is using it. Then you find out they've gone for lunch so you are locked out for an hour! What a waste. Wouldn't it be amazing if 2 or more people could work on the same document at the same time? Science fiction you say? Not anymore. SharePoint offers co-authoring functionality that makes this possible.
  • Check In/Check Out - Instead of co-authoring, some organizations would prefer to control change with a check in/check out system. If you have a document checked out, no one else can make changes until you have checked it in again. Add integrity to your information!
  • Workflow - Workflow functionality using Microsoft SharePoint technology brings document change control all together and provides a level of automation to your office that truly separates you from the rest. Watch as documents, quotes, contracts or spreadsheets automatically move through your organization in an organized fashion, staff not concerned about letting one of them slip through the cracks, and each step is tracked and recorded so you can always see where it is.
  • Company OneNote - Microsoft OneNote is hugely popular with productivity enthusiasts. They use it for notes, for organizing thoughts, ideas, plans, reference notes, work completed and to do's (and pretty much anything else you can think of). If only we could bring that technology company wide. Now you can. Put your team to work on the giant whiteboard that is OneNote and watch the creative juices flow!

Cloud collaboration tools with Microsoft Office 365 take your organization to a higher level of efficiency and productivity which in turn leads to stronger growth. Call or click Computer Troubleshooters North Shore today and take your team to the cloud... and then to the stars!

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