Intranets (non-public websites that are used internally for your own organization) can enable effective communication, boost productivity and increase company morale... and yet it is one of the most under-used tools for small business.

How about an internal website where you can:

  • Create an online calendar with company events, special days and vacations
  • Post news, photos or special experiences and allow staff to do the same
  • Have a central, easy to get to place for key documents, procedures and forms
  • Have a company wide 'OneNote' site for collaboration and brainstorming

The possibilities are endless and the best part is that it is not that hard with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint. And, it's never been more affordable. SharePoint at it's basic level can provide these features with a little training. On the other hand, SharePoint is an incredibly complex software program that can do truly amazing things. Have an expert guide you as create a useful and productive online presence for your organization.

Call CT North Shore and take your company to the next level.

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