Online Meetings

Online Meetings

The ability to stay connected with your team in this day and age, is crucial. It can be the difference between getting that next big deal or taking a back seat to the company that uses tech as a competitive edge. Cloud technology such as Microsoft Lync makes instant communication possible in new and exciting ways.

How about being able to chat text style with your team privately, or as a group, no matter whether they are at their desktop computer at work, their laptop at home or the phone/tablet at the airport.

Take that one step further and have a face-to-face video conference call with your team from whatever device you happen to be in front of. Now that's using technology to get an edge!

Or, how about hosting an online meeting with video and inviting persons outside of your organization to join. That will sure make a nice impression!

This is all possible with Microsoft Lync. Let Computer Troubleshooters show you how it's done. We'll make you look good... we promise.

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